Coach Layout of Different Class of Trains

Coach Layout for Various Coach Class!

According to various Class of Coach, various layout are used! Costlier the ticket of Coach more is facility and more is user-convenience!

1st Tier AC Sleeper

1st Tier AC Sleeper Coach Layout

2nd Tier AC Sleeper

2nd Tier AC Sleeper Coach Layout

3rd Tier AC Sleeper

3rd Tier AC Sleeper Coach Layout

First Class

 Coach Layout

Sleeper Coach

 Coach Layout

Second Sitting

Second Sitting Coach Layout

Garib Rath

Garib Rath Coach Layout

Executive Shatabdi

Executive Shatabdi Coach Layout

Chair Car Shatabdi

Chair Car Shatabdi Coach Layout


#Indian Railway IRCTC

Railway sources are hopeful that this train will reduce some load on Konkan Kanya express, which is one of the most popular trains on this route.

#Indian Railway IRCTC

According to the Railways, the idea came to minister Suresh Prabhu when a passenger, Avtar Krishen Kher, sent back a cheque in the name of IRCTC for the differential amount of the actual fare and the subsidy, which was around Rs 950 for his trip


there are some terms which  are used inside the status while checking PNR and  such terms confuses the persons who are checking PNR status on irctc sites.

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