15484 Train Running Status

15484 Train Running Status

15484 Train Running Status: Train number 15484, called as MAHANANDA EXPRESS, is a Mail/Express train that runs between Old Delhi Station (DLI), situated in Delhi, to Alipur Duar Jn (APDJ), situated in West Bengal. The train 15484 MAHANANDA EXPRESS starts on Day 1 from DLI at 7:35 hrs and touches the destination APDJ on Day 2 at 20:40 hrs.

The train MAHANANDA EXPRESS takes approximately 37 hrs and 5 min to complete its journey from source to destination. It covers a massive distance of 1,664 km and passes through 52 stations including BUXAR (BXR), PATNA JN (PNBE), and SILIGURI JN (SGUJ), among others.

Train 15484 MAHANANDA EXPRESS operates daily on all 7 days a week. Therefore, you can book and travel on this train any day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

PANTA JN (PNBE) is where the train has its longest halt time of 25 min. It arrives at the station at 00:35 and departs at 01:00 hrs. During this time, passengers can deboard the train and take a short walk down the platform or buy essential items for their remaining journey. The 25-min-long halt allows the passengers to take some fresh air and take a look around the platform, especially while travelling with their children and spouses.

The train has a pantry car, which means that you will get snacks, food, drinks and other essential items onboard throughout the journey. The train MAHANANDA EXPRESS 15484 has the following classes: GN, SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, and 3E. You can book the ticket for any of these classes as per the availability on IRCTC’s official website.

If you are travelling on the train, you can know the 15484 train running status easily by entering the train number and the station name.

Here are the following stations that train 15484 Train Running Status MAHANANDA EXPRESS covers during its journey.

No. Station name (code)

1 Delhi (DLI)
2 Delhi Shahdara (DSA)
3 Ghaziabad (GZB)
4 Chola (CHL)
5 Khurja Junction (KRJ)
6 Aligarh Junction (ALJN)
7 Hathras Junction (HRS)
8 Jalesar Road (JLS)
9 Tundla Junction (TDL)
10 Firozabad (FZD)
11 Shikohabad Junction (SKB)
12 Etawah (ETW)
13 Bharthana (BNT)
14 Achalda (ULD)
15 Phaphund (PHD)
16 Jhinjhak (JJK)
17 Rura (RURA)
18 Panki (PNK)
19 Kanpur Central (CNB)
20 Fatehpur (FTP)
21 Allahabad Junction (ALD)
22 Naini (NYN)
23 Vindhyachal (BDL)
24 Mirzapur (MZP)
25 Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS)
26 Buxar (BXR)
27 Ara (ARA)
28 Danapur (DNR)
29 Patna Junction (PNBE)
30 Bakhtiyarpur Junction (BKP)
31 Mokameh Junction (MKA)
32 Barauni Junction (BJU)
33 Begu Sarai (BGS)
34 Lakhminia (LKN)
35 Sahibpur Kml Junction (SKJ)
36 Khagaria Junction (KGG)
37 Mansi Junction (MNE)
38 Mahes Khunt (MSK)
39 Pasraha (PSR)
40 Narayanpur (NNR)
41 Thana Bihpur Junction (THB)
42 Naugachia (NNA)
43 Kursela (KUE)
44 Karagola Road (CRR)
45 Katihar Junction (KIR)
46 Labha (LAV)
47 Azamnagar Road (AZR)
48 Barsoi Junction (BOE)
49 Dalkolha (DLK)
50 Kishanganj (KNE)
51 Aluabari Road (AUB)
52 New Jalpaiguri (NJP)
53 Siliguri Junction (SGUJ)
54 New Mal Junction (NMZ)
55 Binnaguri (BNV)
56 Dalgaon (DLO)
57 Hasimara (HSA)
58 Alipur Duar Junction (APDJ)


Indian Railway IRCTC

According to the Railways, the idea came to minister Suresh Prabhu when a passenger, Avtar Krishen Kher, sent back a cheque in the name of IRCTC for the differential amount of the actual fare and the subsidy, which was around Rs 950 for his trip

Indian Railway IRCTC

Railway sources are hopeful that this train will reduce some load on Konkan Kanya express, which is one of the most popular trains on this route.


there are some terms which  are used inside the status while checking PNR and  such terms confuses the persons who are checking PNR status on irctc sites.

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Youth from the state will travel to happening places (Education-wise) such as Hyderabad and Bengaluru to explore opportunities”, said IRCTC group general manager, East Zone, Debashis Chandra in a media interaction at an event in Kolkata

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